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Ready for the Final Exams?

Take the Most Reliable Route to Passing

Congratulations! You've completed that last module and you're eager to zip through the rest of your exam prep course...

But let's not hurry — before rushing into the final exams, remember your primary objective. [Hint: it’s not simply completing your exam prep course ASAP.]

Your objective is to pass your live exam on this attempt. And your reliable route to passing is achieving a Green Light on these comprehensive final exams — the vast majority of NorthStar students who Green Light also pass their live exam. Consequently, knowing that you’re "Green Lighted" is an enormous confidence boost while taking the Real McCoy.

So before taking your final exams, set yourself up to Green Light! Now is the time for a quick review of the entire course, so it’s all fresh as you take the finals. Your review should include these steps for each module:

The above review pulls the entire course together, and gives you the best chance at acing the Final Exams. Follow these additional steps to ensure you Green Light:

Bon Voyage! Remember, we've helped thousands of people just like you pass this exam. We've discovered that the Green Light method is a tried and true route to your success. The vast majority of those who follow the map we've outlined above are much more successful than those who take short-cuts [and predictably have to take the trip again].


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