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Don’t believe the rumors!

Word gets around the office that you are registered to take your next licensing exam. Suddenly, well-meaning coworkers appear from everywhere, sharing their war stories about taking that exam, predicting which topics you will encounter. These coworkers are veterans of the process, and successfully passed the very exam for which you are now studying. Surely their advice is accurate, right?

Tempting as it may be to put stock in their observations, don’t give them undue importance. Don’t believe the rumors!

Your co-workers are well-meaning and certainly looking out for your best interest. However, your professional success is too important to gamble on the diminished memory of individuals who tested even six months ago.

FINRA and NASAA licensing exams are continually changing to reflect new securities legislation as well as evolving investment products. For example, the Series 63, Series 65 and Series 66 are presently undergoing updates to reflect the changes in the Investment Adviser Marketing Rule, and more exams will be updated in the coming months.

It is important to rely on an exam prep trainer who is a subject matter expert on your exam content. These trainers constantly monitor industry trends and regulatory changes to give you the most current information necessary to pass your exam.

Furthermore, an effective trainer can arm you with test-taking skills and strategies to avoid the tricks and traps you will encounter. NorthStar Securities Exam Prep trainers are always available to you by email and by phone. We are dedicated to your success in passing your exam, so that you can attain that next level in your career.


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